Project presentation


EMPREENDER LEIRIA aims to contribute to an increase in qualified entrepreneurship in general and in particular in the regions of Leiria and Oeste, by sensitizing and training potential and current entrepreneurs and the public in general with a view to implementing new entrepreneurial initiatives in knowledge-intensive and / Or technology and in activities of the cultural and creative industries.


Build a relational network of potential entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs who are already at an early stage in the development of their business, with the goal of creating synergies in building a common platform for cooperation.


Provide access to knowledge and a set of information, which will act as tools to support entrepreneurs, enabling them to improve their skills and open paths to more robust projects.


This project will strengthen the capacities and confidence of entrepreneurs, who will have easier access to Business Angels and other structures that facilitate entrepreneurship. Supported in the networks of partnerships with research and incubation centers, they create avenues that accelerate the implementation of these projects and stimulate entrepreneurship.


Conferences, workshops and webinars

Study of the state of art of entrepreneurship

Templates with Tools, Methodologies and Work Processes

Contests of Business Ideas with a panel of businessmen of the region and Business Angels

Prizes for the best ideas presented in the contests

Good practice manual